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Welcome to EVOKE Cycling! Our one simple purpose – to promote a pedal culture in Oklahoma. Browse around to learn more, or swing by the shop and hang out with us.


Evoke Cycling is an Oklahoma based cycling group dedicated to promoting the sport of cycling. We pride ourselves on not only striving to be the best on the bike, but off the bike as well. 

Cycling is our lifestyle. Some of us race because we love it. We all ride because we think it’s the key to a better, healthier Oklahoma.

Ride Schedule

We have an amazing group of sponsors who love and support our local community and continue to invest in making it a better place to live. We believe in Keeping it Local and encourage everyone to support local businesses (to see a few fine examples please check out our Sponsor Page). Together we can ride our way into the ripe old age of cycling bliss. We are Evoke Cycling.

The EVOKE Pedal club was established in 2014 with one simple purpose – to promote a pedal culture in Oklahoma.  We are a club of riders from all aspects of the sport – from road to mountain and cyclocross to comfort and from all levels.  We are not here to re-invent the bicycle community in Oklahoma – we just want to help promote it.

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The EVOKE Racing Team was established in 2005, and was originally known as Team Undiscovered. Team Undiscovered partnered with Cafe Evoke in 2013 to form Evoke Cycling. Our mission together is simply to promote a pedal culture in Oklahoma. As a race team we focus on racing, but together with the Pedal club we offer a wider range or cycling options for the whole city. 

EVOKE Racing Team Membership is by Invitation Only. For more information consult a current team member or reach out to us via our Contact Page.

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